Freezing a Frame

A haunting song about preserving a beautiful moment in time. Forever.  


  Photo by Elena Kulikova Photography

Freezing a Frame

Written By: Heather Anderson

Stay right there.
Don't move a hair. 

I'm snapping a shot in my mind,
My aperture open wide.
Freezing a frame for all time,
Biting off this seed and hiding it behind my rind.

Don't fade away.
I won't let you grow older today - oh no no…
I won't let your eyes nor hair go grey - oh no no.

Oh I will tuck this moment tightly behind my eyes
So your mouth, laughing lightly, will be immortalized.


The Video

Created by a very talented group of students at E'xpressions in Emeryville, CA, this animated short is unique, exciting, and just the right amount of bizarre.  Please enjoy with a stiff cocktail.