Indie-pop fronted by a close-harmonizing trio of women and grounded by drum and cello grooves. 

                                                                                 Photography by Elena Kulikova

                                                                                Photography by Elena Kulikova

Blue Rabbit’s haunting vocals, lyrical imagery and minor-key melodies evoke a sense of magical melancholy akin to Florence & the Machine, while their penchant for counter-melodies, atypical time signatures, and Kurt Weill-esque chord progressions, sets them in the art pop vein of Lucius and Arcade Fire.

The band's debut album, "Separate"(November, 2008), can be poignant and melodically striking ("Getting Away"), wistful and lilting ("Love Secret"), or dark and brooding, as in its epic, bluesy torch song, "Missing Piece." But with all things Blue Rabbit, there is humor and compassion built into the darkness, and even the latter song - their saddest dirge, finishes off with a gospel choir-esque bridge and a finger-snapping, tempo-building, group-sing outro in the vein of "Come on Eileen".

After self-releasing their debut album, Blue Rabbit recorded the follow up, "Flattened & Shined,"a year later. The songs sat in a vault for 8 years, a time during which the band lost their practice space to the rising rents and gentrification of San Francisco, leading them to break up and eventually get back together. The aptly titled 2017 release, “Flattened & Shined” is as much a collection of 5 songs that have been polished and pressed, as it is the band's re-commitment to the art of making music. With gripping melodies in three-part harmony over lush symphonic layers and intricate rhythms, it is avant-garde, unique, daring, and smart. 

Blue Rabbit is currently working on their 3rd EP to be released in late 2017.


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